Bubbles and clicks is the space between Life and memories. The space where I find my soul. There are times, Life slips by, the bubbles of joy just pass by or burst unnoticed. What if you could capture that every bubble, save it in your hand phone, and comeback to it when you have time? Well, we all atleast wish Life was like that! But, Whoops…! It’s the most supersonic thing I’ve ever seen or maybe I should say, kept matching my pace to. At times when Life’s too much of a satire, I break open on the streets of Life. And see with a closed eye, what with both eyes open perhaps we cannot. My Photographs and this space are simply a celebration of this awakening called Life.

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The Hunger
Few photographs clicked within the realms of conceptual photography, crafting personal and heartfelt pieces that are sewn together through the themes of fashion, theatricality, life and it’s dreams.
It’s the fine art or Art the way I see it

If you are not familiar with conceptual photography check out the work of Misha Gordin at www.bsimple.com/ and you will get the idea.